Vish Pattanashetty shares a one minute video about whether or not you should always strive for efficiency.


Most experts, supervisors and employees strive for efficiency at all times, but is this always the right thing? When you are efficient you have a streamlined process and have learned through trial and error how to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible. Eventually you reach a point where you are truly efficient and don’t even have to think about the process much. It is second nature. The problem with that, says efficiency expert, Vish Pattanashetty, is that when something is second nature and you aren’t putting thought into it, you are no longer learning. While efficiency can certainly be beneficial to a company, Vish recommends operating at 70-80% efficiency in the office. This way you are taking care of things but at the same time, learning more, improving your skill set and being innovative.

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