Rajiv Mathew shares a one minute video about the best methods to prevent procrastination.


Everyone has been afflicted with the “disease” of procrastination at one point or another during their career. While it can be a big challenge to overcome, there are ways to avoid being a procrastinator. Rajiv Mathew, the Head of Marketing for Campassites, uses a method that takes only an hour called “tiny miracles”.  A tiny miracle occurs when you dedicate 60 minute to a problem you have been avoiding because you are not sure how to solve it, or perhaps it is not a priority or of particular interest to you. Each day Rajiv looks at such a problem and spends 60 minutes focused on that specific challenge to make progress toward finding a solution. This progress or value added is the tiny miracle. You can look at it like breaking down a your goal in to a set of smaller goals to achieve and build upon.

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