Shirish Netke shares a one minute video about the sales cycle and buying cycle as a part of lead generation.


Companies often talk about the sales cycle in regards to their sales team. As Silicon Valley CEO Shirish Netke states, the focus in the more modern business world is not so much the ‘sales cycle’, but rather the ‘buying cycle‘. It is more common for a prospect to research on their own when determining which product or service they want to purchase. The buying cycle directly effects lead generation in that the company and salesperson will focus on having these prospects find them, instead of finding paying customers by traditional marketing efforts generating outbound leads and sales. This represents a fundamental change in the world of lead generation from the traditional hunter where the salesperson’s only hope to have a conversation is to do what they can to connect versus making sure the product or service is found on its own, whether that is through PR, SEO, word of mouth, or through various other channels.

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