Shirish Netke shares a one minute video about hiring people who are comfortable taking risks.


Every entrepreneur has taken risks somewhere along the way in order to be successful. The important thing is to know when to take the risks. Of course this is a learning process during your career, but serial entrepreneur and CEO, Shirish Netke, offers his take on the subject to help you determine what criteria to use when hiring team members. Shirish shares a story about two candidates, one with a consistent history of success in a large company and another with some erratic success during his career. The second candidate had dropped out of school and had one failed and one successful startup. In essence, he had demonstrated an ability to take risks, which was imperative for the position Shirish was hiring for. Shirish chose the second candidate because he was a better fit for the particular position. If taking risks is in your blood, you may be a great match for the entrepreneurial culture.

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