Praba Murugaiah shares a one minute video about the advantages to being a consultant.


Why would someone would prefer to consult for various companies instead of settling down with a full-time position at one company? Many full-time employees have considered consulting, but what are the main advantages of being a consultant? TechFetch CEO Praba Murugaiah says there are quite a few benefits to being a consultant.

1) It allows you to work on the latest technologies as you go from company to company, instead of always working on one primary task, as is common with a full-time job at one business.

2) You are able to more quickly gain greater exposure to a variety of business problems, situations and different platforms so you learn about many more things than you normally would.

3) By consulting with a variety of companies and meeting all sorts of professionals, it is easier to build and expand your professional network in a short amount of time. The better you do, the more you will get referrals and/or retain your clients.

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