The cold-call sales technique is the scene of a massive battle across almost all fields.  The appeal is minimal, and most people don’t like the idea of their phone number or email address being used by a stranger.  Businesses are much the same.  Few businesses like it when a consultant suddenly pops onto their radar saying “Change your ways!”

I’d like to put out a few thoughts on both sides of the coin, then open the field to discussion/debate down in the comments section.


The cold-call is the embodiment of hustle.  When you’re just starting out, there is little better you can do than pound away at any and all openings.  Your strategy is blunt, more of a battering ram than a swift attack.

The upshot of this, is you may hit the right target at some point, and that target may open up in a big way.  Also, you provide yourself a diverse starting point.  If you land a few jobs with cold calls, they open up huge numbers of references if you work well for them.


You end up spending hours and hours trying to find work, and very little time actually working.  The success rates of this kind of job hunting end up being very low.  If you aren’t content with constant typing and subsequent silence from your efforts, you wont enjoy this at all.  It becomes particularly frustrating for the talented individuals who spend all their time finding work, and work very little.

Further, unless you are particularly talented as a sales person, you may end up looking rather unprofessional with the constant emails.


I’d love for you to join the conversation.  Many of this blog’s readers are talented consultants and contractors whose opinions are invaluable.