Praba Murugaiah shares a one minute video about increasing your market value.


To become a subject matter expert, it is important that IT professionals always remain on top of their game and increase their market value. CEO and founder of TechFetch, Praba Murugaiah has 3 tips to ensure you are successful at this:

  1. It is important to constantly upgrade your skills by making sure you are aware of any changes in a particular language. Get hands on experience using the new code so you are ready to go when necessary and so you can create examples demonstrating your skills.
  2. You can create content such as a blog or white paper discussing industry changes or comparing the pros and cons of a particular language.
  3. Answer forum questions to help less experienced developers learn.

Because technology and trends in technology change so quickly, when you do these things you are building a strong personal brand by showing that you are a subject matter expert who can be relied upon as an excellent source of knowledge over time. With this type of reputation, your marketability will continually grow.

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