Full Time v. Consultants & ContractorsFulltime jobs are direct hire by employers on their payroll. Consulting or Contract jobs are temporary assignments can go anywhere between 6 weeks to few years.

Why is there a need for temporary employees?

Technology software keeps changing, new versions are coming in and they are coping up with the new market demand.  Moore’s  Law states that technology increases at nearly an exponential rate.  Companies will always have their core group of long-term employees, however, when a highly specific problem needs to be solved, companies hire consultants or contract workers.

There is always a demand for temporary technology workers who are highly specialized and can solve problems and assist in upgrading the system..

Most of consulting and contracting positions requires someone to have joined yesterday so its highly demanding request to fulfill. Recruiters should always be prepared with pipeline of candidates and manage their current active candidate very closely. Another important factor to do is do the follow-up with the consultant after they are hired and make sure they are meeting the clients expectations.

Try being proactive. Keep a number of consulting candidates prepared for a variety of tasks to allow yourself a prompt response to the needs of your clients