Himanshu Jhamb shares a one minute video about demonstrating leadership qualities.

The question of whether or not people are born leaders has been debated for years.  Active Garage co-founder Himanshu Jhamb, says no one is really born a leader. Instead, a leader is someone who learns to demonstrate certain qualities over time. Being a leader involves a particular skill set that is learned and developed. It is not just a title. In order to be a true leader you have to demonstrate certain qualities such as managing your commitments, taking responsibility and accountability for both their actions and the actions of those they supervise. This means that someone demonstrating leadership will take the bullet if something goes wrong, even if it was an associate who dropped the ball. If you lead the team, you are responsible for their actions as well. A leader will stand up and take the blame. At the same time, if there is a great success, a true leader shares the credit with the whole team. This helps you gain respect and grow in to future leadership roles.

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