Rick Deutsch shares a one minute video about what to do on your first day of your new job.


You put it in a lot of work to get the job. From the initial job search, application, interview process, follow-up messages, and finally a job offer – but what is next? Your first day on the job gives you the opportunity to kick start your new position. Motivational speaker and author Rick Deutsch suggests the following for your first day:

  • Look great – make sure you hair and outfit represent success.
  • Get to the office early and make the rounds. Seek out whomever interviewed you. They may not remember you at first, but let them know you are on board and excited to get started.
  • Get to know the admin. He or she will undoubtedly be of great assistance to you in your tenure at your new company.
  • Make a friend! Get to know the people next to you and create an ally. This will make work more fun and help you learn the ins & outs of the company. Networking in the office is essential.

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