During the job interview, some candidate may feel nervous. It will spoil your performance in the interview. There are many ways to avoid this interview jitters. Here are some general tips to overcome the interview stress.

Be Prepared:

Prepare well for the interview. Do research about the company and its vision. Get ready with answer for commonly asked interview questions. Being prepared for the interview increases your comfort level.

Arrive early to the job interview:

Gather information about the place, where the interview is conducted. Take the right direction to reach the site. It is advisable to come early before 10 to 15 minutes.

Be Confident:

Consider the interviewer as a common man, interact with them confidently. If you feel nervous, don’t show it on the face. Stay relaxed. Greet him/her by firm handshake. Sit in correct posture. Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer while answering the question.

Take your own time:

If an interviewer asks a question to you, think well and answer the question.  Take notes during the interview. When you need time to answer a tough interview question, you can recollect your thoughts by referring the notes and answer for the question.

Think Positive:

Make your mind that you can do well in the interview. You should focus on how to give your best in the interview. Don’t think about the outcome of the interview.