Kimberly Wiefling shares a one minute video about how to lead your team after you are promoted


Leadership consultant Kimberly Wiefling recommends following a guideline to ensure success after you get that promotion you’ve always wanted. First, it is very important to have a conversation with your team to help build trust. Be sure to listen very carefully to get to know them and establish the rapport necessary. You should be doing more listening than speaking. Next, you need to have a clear understanding the overall company goals and then take the time to figure out what goals your team must accomplish to align with the greater vision. By establishing clear goals for your team, you can ensure each team member understands the plan and is united in their efforts. Finally, always know there are  things you don’t know, so you should always take the time listen to your team regarding their thoughts on achieving team goals. By working as a team, you will achieve great things.

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