Carter Hostelley shares a one minute video about the importance of learning to sell.

No matter your role in the company, you need to learn to sell. This doesn’t just mean trying to get someone to buy your company’s product. Selling is being able to convince others of what you are saying. Internet entrepreneur and marketer Carter Hostelley shares his top two tips to be likable, believable, and sell your information:

  1. Be yourself. This may sound obvious, but it is important to be authentic and not come off as fake or coercive. By being yourself, you end up having a natural conversation as opposed to making the customer feel as if they are being sold something.
  2. Like the golden rule: sell in the way you would want to be sold to. It is important to convey your message in a way that truly benefits the other person, not discussing how it benefits you. By doing research on your customer, you can speak directly to what will specifically help them. When this happen, your career blossoms.

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