Himanshu Jhamb shares a one minute video about managing your commitments.


There are a lot of theories about how you should best manage your time. Active Garage President Himanshu Jhamb has a different way of looking at time management. He says it is not actually possible to manage time since time is beyond our control. Regardless of who we are, what we do, where we are, time exists in the exact same manner. The Kantian symbolic construct of time exists in our minds but cannot be controlled in the way you can control your own choices and commitments. Jhamb suggests focusing on controlling your commitments, not your time, as time is not “yours”. By managing your commitments, you can make plans to be meet where and when you committed to. You make sure you finish what needs to be finished in order to make meet the commitment, as that is in your control. As an entrepreneur, keeping your commitments helps you generate leads, build your personal brand, and generally makes life easier.

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