David Motto shares a one minute video about when to expect improvement while learning a musical instrument.


Aspiring musicians often wonder why they don’t see improvement in their skills each time they practice. Professional musician and renowned instructor David Motto says this is very normal, but the important thing is to look at the big picture -the overall learning curve. When you practice the learning curve is going up and up, however, the pace isn’t always steady. For example, you may try something new and feel like you didn’t learn anything. You may feel as though you even regressed from the day before. Then a day or two later, you may have a breakthrough and improve by leaps and bounds. Like learning anything, there are ups and downs and along the way, but look at the overall learning curve and you will see an upward trajectory. Be sure to set and track your goals, continually practice in short small sessions, and you will learn to play your musical instrument.

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