Vijay Peduru shares shares a one minute video about what you need to start a startup business.


If you have a great idea what do you need to get going and start a company? Some people say you need money, connections, experience, etc. While those things can certainly be helpful, there’s only one thing you absolutely must have according to successful entrepreneur Vijay Peduru. That one thing is determination. Times have changed and you can make connections without paying for traditional advertising or a marketing firm. It is easy and free to advertise and connect with potential customers through social media, free blogs, and even free press release websites. Creating your own startup may sound daunting, but if you are a truly determined entrepreneur and make the choice to push forward, that is all you truly need. If you are new to the area and/or don’t have a nest egg set aside, don’t give up. If you have determination, you can build your vision.

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