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About Me:

Paramveer Atem CorpMy education is in the field of Law but my aptitude was in customer service.  During my days at the law firms I was a good spokes person for the firms with a keen ability to be able to listen and assist the clients with passion and compassion.  My employer at Mulberry Neckwear, KT Smith, was the best mentor I ever had.  I was offered opportunities to lead large teams and I managed the responsibility with dedication.  My experience at Mulberry trained me to be better with people and in sales.

My exposure to the IT industry has introduced me to phenomenal personalities, leaders and colleagues.  Currently I am a Business Development Manager with Atem Corp .   In this journey so far I have had a lot of support from great people and I hope to meet and partner with many more.

To potential employers: Please feel free to send me any requirements you might need assistance with;

To potential job seekers : Please forward me your current resume and let me assist with your placement needs.  I promise to you both speedy and exceptional service.

About My Company:

A career with an out of sync team is like a poorly managed budget which is always in the red.  At my current organization the Atem Corp I have been extremely fortunate to work with a fantastic team, it has great leadership, incredible camaraderie, and selfless team members.  We (Atem Corp) provide Staff Augmentation services, our forte and excellent reputation is earned in System Integration, Oracle Products, Identity management and the Networking areas.

Atem Corp offers its employees the most competitive compensation packages in addition to opportunities to work with the best of the best companies in the above mentioned sectors.  In return our employees reward us with their loyalty and an extremely high percent of retention with the organization.

My Recruiting Experience

It is a tough and hard business to be in; without a doubt.  Who said Match making ever was?  I do not hesitate from long hours or the extra work required to source a candidate with difficult and hard to find skills or to go the extra mile to service my client or the candidate.  The appreciation at the end of the transaction from the client and candidate alike is phenomenal.   My achievement is that I have been able to maintain strong and long term business partnerships with client and candidate.

To recruiters: Do not let the work consume you that much that you lose sight of the fact that at the end of the day you are a service provider. Deal with the candidate as you would with your client.

My Advice To Job Seekers

Many a time’s job seekers see Recruiters and Staff Augmentation firms as “Expendable” or an unnecessary hurdle, it is a misplaced tag.  Recruiters are facilitators; they work for you the candidate and they have pre existing relationship with the client, therefore, they bring added value to the table.

A candidate should develop a good working partnership with the recruiter, it will pay dividends. Recruiters work under sever time pressures and budgetary constraints.  Be fair and honest with your recruiter.  Reciprocate goodness and I assure you a recruiter will burn the midnight oil and not rest until you have been well cared for.

Hiding pertinent details from recruiters causes delays in the placement process.  Such a job seeker can relocate to another recruiter but the damage he or she causes a recruiters business and his relations with the client is nothing less than havoc created by a tornado.  In short be fair, be good and work together as a team.