//Best Practices for Team Management at a Successful Company

Best Practices for Team Management at a Successful Company

Rajiv Munshi shares a one minute video about the best way to manage your team.


Managing a team has several important nuances. As explained by expert management consultant Rajiv Munshi, the most important aspects of managing a team are as follows:

  1. Set the expectations and define the roles. Each person is different and may respond differently. The manager has to coach, mentor, and make sure team members are focused on the objective.
  2. With different personalities, it is inevitable that conflict will arise. When this happens, you need to remain objective and mediate as needed to make sure everyone is on track.
  3. Make a decision to resolve the conflict and move on without looking back. Make sure each team member is aware of the big picture. It is better to have people working together to achieve a common goal than to have a bunch of people working individually, not aware of the overarching goal.

By following these steps, your company will work more cohesively and achieve greater success.

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