Nowadays, Many organization prefers to conduct interview through online. Online interview method is very cost effective and time consuming.  Sometimes, job seeker may have difficulties in handling the video interview. They may feel little nervous. Here are some ideas to get prepared for video interview.

  • During video interview, it is essential to face the camera. It will create an impression that you are maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. Please avoid watching the computer screen.
  • Before the interview, research about the organization and get prepared to answer the common interview questions.  You can also practice how to deliver the answer for the interview question with your friends or relatives.
  • Dress in professional attire.  Avoid wearing bright color dress. Dress how you prepare for the personal interview. Your appearance creates the first impression. So it is essential to pay attention to your dressing manner.
  • Check whether the microphones and web cam are properly working. Sometimes there may be problem in the devices.
  • Make sure that you are the only person in the room. Keep away your pets, dolls and object that creates distraction.  Switch off your mobile phones during the interview.
  • Before the interview, you must know how to handle the online interview system. Some organization may prefer own system or third party provider. You must know in advance which online interview system is preferred by the company
  • Make sure that the room has proper lighting facilities.
  • During the interview, avoid using slang words.  Don’t speak too fast. Answer the question confidently.