Vijay Peduru shares a one minute video about the main ingredient to a successful life and career.


The way your brain works can dramatically affect your life and career. As StartUpWin founder Vijay Peduru explains, there are two main parts of your brain, the cerebral, or “lizard brain”, and the freedom brain. The lizard brain is there to put up a red flag when any sort of change is going to occur because it fears risk and focuses on practicality. Nietzsche would call this Apollo, whereas the freedom brain is comparable to Dionysius. Many people, have an overactive lizard brain that prevents them from trying new things, and doing what they love. By letting your freedom brain have more control, you enable innovation by letting go of the fear and taking a risk. Entrepreneurs are very good at reining in their lizard brain. They don’t let it run wild. Instead, an entrepreneur can see the fear, acknowledge it, and move on, instead of letting it linger, which is the key for an entrepreneur to a happy and successful life and career.

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