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Sanjiv Goyal -	Droisys INCMr. Goyal has served as CEO of Droisys since its inception in 2003. He has unique sales and business development and management background both here in the US and internationally. He has functioned as CEO, Director, VP, and Project Manager to successful organizations (Droisys, IBM, Autonation, Mastech, GMS, RMS): Globally (US, Austria, Singapore, Malaysia and India) driving corporate strategy, sales planning, business development, project management and providing direction in determining creative solutions to customers.

Mr. Goyal started his career in technology working for strategic staffing providers where he developed a keen sense in managing the staffing needs of large corporate customers and projects. He has extensive international business experience in strategic planning, joint ventures and international transactions in the United States and India. He has investments in technology start-ups in the US, and India. Some of his portfolio companies are Vriti, Mobidfusion, Admaxim, Ed Seva and other organizations.

He has developed relationships with many C-Level executives that are now part of Droisys network. Customers trust Droisys to engineer solutions that offer superior value and meet their specific growth objectives while delivering value. This ever-expanding daily contact with customers provides important benefits to the company. Mr. Goyal gains access to business opportunities by taking advantage of quality work and track record. By creatively structuring selling approaches in a timely manner, he has played a significant role in the growth of Droisys.

Mr. Goyal holds an Masters of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, India and Bachelor of Engineering from JMI in India.

Sanjiv is very active in the PanIIT community. He serves on the IIT Delhi USA executive committee leading the IIT Delhi Alumni Entreprenuer Mentoring program. He has organized PanIIT conferences (Co-Chair, PanIIT 2007).  Sanjiv supports children focus charities.

About Droisys, Inc.

Droisys, Inc., the business solution company was founded in 2003, serves clients around the globe in Gaming, Server to SAAS, Enterprise – Mobile, Apps, Hi-tech, Insurance, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Media & Entertainment, Life Science, Automotive and Real Estate & Hospitality industry. The company offers its business solutions in the domains of business to business, business to customer, content management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and business efficiency optimization consulting which includes enhanced workflow, process streamlining. The company’s business solutions address all the facets and activities that define a given business.

Droisys entire gamut of technology services are primarily geared towards providing solutions for making  businesses connect  faster, better, and wider.  The company has experience of developing a number of business solutions for disparate industries and business verticals. Droisys team has an in depth understanding of various business processes that are part of organizations.

Droisys has offices in Silicon Valley, Florida and India, leaders in business and IT Services that educate, support, and drive excellence. At Droisys, our emphasis is on understanding the business domain and needs before contemplating on a technology solution. Our business solutions are backed by a consulting approach that generates ideas evaluates business processes and helps our clients in formalizing an idea, application or a process. The company provides reliable and quality value-adding services to enable you to focus on your core aspects.

Droisys recently acquired Symbioun, Tech, software product engineering and IT consulting service provider in Chennai, India.

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