Vijay Peduru shares a one minute video about they key to beating the competition.


There are certainly many schools of thought about what techniques a company should enact in order to be the best. The answer, according to Suggestica founder Vijay Peduru, is actually quite simple. Instead of using your competition as a point of reference, you just need to focus on the customer. By being authentic and truly caring that the customer is taken care of and satisfied, you create a trustworthy personal brand and it becomes much easier to be the best. So many companies are focused on peripheral goals such as money or personal pride. When this happens, it is much more difficult to please the people that matter the most, your customers. Some entrepreneurs read incessantly to learn the tricks of the trade, but there is no complex methodology necessary. Just be genuine and that will guide your product development, marketing, and overall strategy, which will in turn, help you beat the competition.

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