Steve Piazzale shares a one minute video about setting goals.


Most people know it is important to set both short and long term goals in the office and in life. Career Coach Steve Piazzale says it is acceptable for your long-term goals to not be quite as well-defined, but that short-term goals need to be crystal clear. He calls well-defined near-term goals “smart goals“. This means they should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. By accomplishing these short-term, smart goals, it makes it much more likely to build upon that momentum and achieve your long-term goals. As your long-term goals get closer, you can clarify them and take what you have learned from achieving your short-term goals to help fill in the detail. To increase your chances of success, Steve suggests making a commitment to either a career coach or a friend that is familiar with the industry or activity for the goals you are setting.

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