Rajiv Mathew shares a one minute video about the most effective way to set career goals.


Setting goals for your career is necessary if you want to grow and progress in your professional life. But how do you go about setting career goals that are achievable, yet push the bar at the same time? According to Rajiv Mathew, head of marketing for Campassites, the best way to set career goals is quite simple: just use Google to do online market research. From the information obtained in your Google search, you can determine where others in your industry, including peers and senior leaders in the field, are in their career and what they have accomplished along the way. After doing the research, it is also a good idea to reach out to your network and speak with others in your field. By researching online and through your personal and professional network, you will have an accurate idea of what you can expect from yourself and what steps to take to achieve your career goals.

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