April 13, 2014

Contact: Casey Sharperson, Marketing Coordinator, Tel: +1-703-544-2064

TechFetch.com, one of the fastest growing tech talent acquisition platforms, hosted global recruiters meet in India in multiple cities (Chennai, Hyderabad & Noida) in March 2014. Speakers from top global companies like HCL, Wipro who hire tens of thousands of candidates every year, joined and shared their knowledge in recruiting and hiring. Over 200 technical recruiters participated in these events.

The market for tech consulting and contracting in the United States is robust and continues to grow. At the same time, Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies that “Unemployment in technology sector is only 3.5%”, making hiring even harder. The resulting demand-supply gap for skilled tech talent is, in turn, pushing  the demand up for productive technical recruitment teams. Scaling up offshore recruiters and/or storing millions of resumes in the internal or external databases is proving ineffective to solve the problem, because success in hiring solely depends on identifying and engaging the right candidate at the time of the need.

“TechFetch boosts productivity of the technical recruiters as we bring best-fit resumes that are actively looking for projects and currently available. We do not simply provide resumes, we deliver results”, says Prabakaran Murugaiah, Founder & CEO of TechFetch. “My vision is to build global tech workforce community and unified tech talent acquisition platform”, he added.

Varun Gautam, Lead – Recruitment Sourcing & Talent Branding at HCL Technologies shared several data points in recruiting and useful tips for recruiters. He said “Companies like us (HCL Technologies) hires thousands of candidates adopt many strategies, I am intrigued by the results of our recent ‘Gamification’ in our recruiting practice, the level of engagement during the on-boarding process and optimizing the multiple touch points are key aspects of hiring.”

“Technologies are changing so fast, artificial intelligence combined with big data analytics will change the way the recruitment is happening today, we are not too far in implementing the disruptive, technology powered talent acquisition” opined Wipro’s Pankaj Bansal, Program Director & Head – New Age Sourcing & IS Initiatives.

Chandra Atholi, Direcor HR & Admin at iORMYX  travelled from Houston to India to attend the event said “it was worth my trip and I had a chance to meet and interact with many recruiters. More than as a jobs platform, TechFetch is helping us expand our business as well. Being associated with Corp-Corp.com now rebranded as TechFetch, we are seeing significant improvement in terms of data and features.”

Rajeev Ranjan, CEO of E-Solutions Inc. (headquartered at San Jose, CA with offices in NJ, FL, TX, Noida, Chandigarh) said, ”handling high volume staffing and consulting requirements need 24×7 operations, our global recruiting team is now with 150+ recruiters and expanding. Being in the recruiting for 18 years, our success formula in recruiting is empowering the  recruiters with on-going training and mentoring, providing various tools of recruiting, and taking care of their career growth, aspiration and health especially for those that work in the night shift.”

M.V Subramanian, Co Founder and Managing Director of Focus Infotech Pvt Ltd projected new opportunities, in excess of a million consultants, in the Cloud, Mobile & Big Data fields. He added, “in today’s high demand and hunting for top talent in niche skills takes extraordinary efforts by the recruiters, constant learning and self improvement will help the recruiters to improve their productivity and results.”

Ashish Bhalla, Sourcing Lead – US IT Staffing at HCL Technologies, suggested that recruiters should spend more time to understand the core need of the client and source accordingly, “as finding right fit is much more than keywords matching.”

Prasad Ravi, Chief Of operations, Sysmind LLC, Head quarter in NJ with operations in Noida, travelled from the US to participate in the Noida conference, emphasized the fundamental difference between recruiting and ‘technical recruiting’. He advised “even though most of the technical recruiters do not have the technical background, it is not that difficult to screen the candidates for high level technical skills.  A little extra effort in understanding the strength of the candidate goes a long way for boost in  the success rate.”

“Collaborative learning and team work is important for the growth of a recruiter,” opined Abhay Singh, Vice President at United Software Group Inc, who started career as a recruiter and reached executive level, now managing large recruiting team. He said, “Success requires commitment and passion to the recruiting.”

“Recruiting is an important job. We should be proud of the work we are doing. We are important cogs in the wheel of economy” said Prabakaran Murugaiah as part of his closing comments in the events.

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