Resume acts as an effective tool to enter in a job interview. It must clearly explain your skill and achievements. Many job seekers may apply for the same job. So, it is essential to create your resume stand out from other candidates. Here are some tips to create a valuable resume

Add Keywords to the resume:

Nowadays Candidates post the resume directly to employer’s website or job Portal. When an employer searches for candidate resume, he/she filter the resume by the keyword related to the job. So it is vital to include relevant keywords in the resume. Add the correct keyword that matches the job requirement.

Redesign your resume:

Revamp your resume as per the job requirements.  Explain your work history, job qualification, skills and strength. Tell about your roles and responsibilities in the previous jobs. You can also explain about how you are qualified for this job position.

Include Social Media profile:

You can also mention your social media profile links to the resume. Please specify only the professional maintained social media accounts to the contact information of the resume. It may be helpful for the recruiters to stay in touch.

Format the resume:

Make the resume short and simple. Use bullets or numberings to list the achievement. Present the resume in readable manner. Use recommended fonts like Times New Roman, verdana.