Vish Pattanashetty shares a one-minute video how to make management more effective.


According to efficiency expert, Vish Pattanashetty, there are two types of people or work at a company. The first is project-based tasks or project managers. It is easy to recognize these individuals because they either succeed or fail. The other type, which is the vast majority of the workforce, are not noticed unless something goes awry. These people do the maintenance work and their accomplishments are not as easily identifiable or metrics-based. It is hard to get a pat on the back when you don’t get noticed unless something goes wrong. They are expected to achieve just to maintain the success of the company. It is very important for managers and supervisors to recognize and praise these employees for their accomplishments, even though it may not be as glorified. They are keeping the company afloat and doing the practical tasks that the company needs. Give them the appreciation they deserve to be an effective manager and help your company grow.

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