The fetch technology helps find the right talent in a simple and quick way.  It ensures wider reach, reduced recruiting time and bench time.

With over 12000 recruiters actively using the service applicants have access to a greater volume of companies; likewise the employers have a larger talent pool to choose from for specialized IT skills.

For the consultant the chances of successful placements are enhanced as the system automatically sifts through scores of requirements and shortlists only the top ten relevant ones.  For the employer this enables quicker recruitment. Not only does the employer save on time but also the cost involved in searching for and hiring the right consultant.

Consultants can find short projects that not only improve their productivity but also the end result for a company; for engaging an employee continually in projects can lead to high employee retention rate.

Corp –Corp’s FETCH system notifies the current available opportunities for every consultant in 30 seconds; which means if a requirement is posted and it matches your profile within 30 seconds you get a notification about the same.

Thus choosing to reduce recruiting time, bench time, employee retention and achieving client satisfaction your return on investment is ensured.