Some companies arrange telephonic interview to hire the candidate for filling their job vacancy. Telephonic interview is somewhat different from the Face-to-face interview. It reduces travelling expenses for the candidates. It also minimizes the interviewer’s time. It will express your communication skill and listening skill. So it is necessary to know how to handle the phone. Here are some important points to be remembered during the interview.

• Prepare well for the interview. Always be eager to know about the company before attending an interview

• While attending the telephonic interview place your resume before the table. It will be helpful for answering the question.

• When you start talking to an interviewer, greet him or her with “Hi” or “Hello” and introduce yourself. Similarly when you leave the call, end with thank you note.

• Answer the question in brief manner. Don’t speak too loudly. Interviewer may get irritated by your tone. Speak in polite manner. Don’t interrupt the interviewer while he/she is talking. Don’t use “ums”,”hmm” and “uh” sounds in your conversation.

• Avoid speaking too fast or slow. If you speak too fast, the interviewer can’t understand what you are telling. If you speak too slowly, they may think that you are not interested in job. Be enthusiastic.

• If you don’t hear the question properly ask the interviewer to repeat it by saying “Pardon” instead of saying “I can’t hear”. Be careful in pronunciation.

• Attend the call in quiet place. For example if you have kids at home stay away from that place so that their noise may not distract you.