Self confidence is an essential skill required for an interview. You must have confidence in yourself, so that the employers might trust you. It helps you to land your dream job. Today’s world is very competitive because many people attend the job interview. Some people may get selected and others may not. Lack of self confidence is one of the reasons for losing the job. When you are appearing for an interview, there will be a lot of tension and anxiety. While that moment, just think of your goal. Here are some useful tips about how to be self confident during the interview.

• Be prepared for an interview. Recollect all the details before the interview. It will give confidence regarding that you have prepared completely.

• While entering into the interviewer’s cabin, greet him or her with nice and firm handshake. When you give this sort of hand shake, the interviewer may think that you are self confident.

• Body language should express that you are self confident .Walk straight. When the interviewer asked to take your seat sit erect. You should express self confidence in your way of speech, sitting posture etc.

• Dress neatly for the interview. Put on only formal clothes. Don’t use untidy clothes. Dressing sense also increases your self confidence level.

• During your interview communicate well with the interviewer. If they ask any question to you, think for a while and answer it in a proper manner. Don’t confuse them.

• Think positive before attending the interview. Don’t think that you cannot get
the job. Always think that “you can do it “.