Karri Carlson shares a one minute video about using your personal network to improve your personal brand.


There are several ways in which your network can help to develop your  personal brand. Karri Carlson, product and social marketing expert, provides these stepping stones for you to enhance your personal brand and your career. Carlson recommends using your network both for input and to gain feedback based on the information they share with you.

  1. Ask your current or former colleagues what it was like working with you and what they remember about you.This helps you to see things from your colleagues’ perspective.
  2. Ask for LinkedIn recommendations to gain insight in to the way others see you. Not only does this serve to enrich your LinkedIn profile, but it gives you the opportunity to examine the recommendations and see if there is a pattern. Are there areas you can improve?
  3. Use your network for feedback. Let them know the brand you want to create and see if that meshes with their perspective.

By keeping an open mind and taking the feedback to heart, the information you gather can help you make the impression you intend.

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