Bill Belew shares a one minute video about the right time to build your personal brand.


The best time to start building your personal brand is right now, if you haven’t already begun. Personal branding expert Bill Belew says you most likely have already started building your brand, even if it was unintentional. If you have Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or interact with the public, your personal brand is definitely in process. You started building your personal brand when you started building a network outside of your home. Personal branding can help you land the job of your dreams, get in to college, and make connections in your community and throughout the world. Conversely, if you don’t manage your brand correctly, you may regret it. Be mindful of what you post online, who can see it, and treat everyone with respect because you never know when you may run into them again. People know you have a great reputation before even meeting you if you’ve built your personal brand the right

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