Venky Rao shares a one minute video about successful client retention strategies.

There are many various client retention strategies, but one that is particularly helpful, as experienced by strategic account consultant Venky Rao, involves providing insight about an issue that the company itself might not be aware of at all. Mr. Rao shares a story about a client that was having issues with their social media. The client was not focused on their Twitter account, thus they did not notice or address some of the tweets. This social media chatter had not been noticed by the company, but the account manager fortunately noticed this. A good consultant doesn’t make assumptions that the client is aware of all of their issues. This particular issue was very fixable, though very potentially dangerous if left unacknowledged, as a brand can be defined through social media. Since the consultant took notice, a meeting was held to discuss the strategy to solve the problem. In the end, the issue was fixed and everyone enjoyed a successful outcome.

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