Today more and more IT consultants find themselves facing the computer rather than real people during interviews. Video interviews save time and energy for both interviewers as well as interviewees. In spite of the increasing popularity of video interviews, most professionals are clueless about how to prepare for them. Essentially video interviews are similar to in-person interviews where you need to dress up and make an impression on a stranger, but there are a few more things that need to be taken into account.

Choose a Suitable Place

During a video interview, the interviewer not only focuses on you, but also your surroundings. It is best to position your web camera in such a way that it faces a clean blank wall rather than any personal articles or the mess in your room. A plain background is much more professional.

You also need to ensure that the place where you give interview is quiet. Loud barking of dogs, crying babies or music can be very distracting during an interview and can adversely affect your chances. In case you are unable to find a quiet spot in your house, you can always take help of a friend or rent a conference room for the interview.

Be Prepared

Although a video interview takes place in ones own house, you need to prepare for it the same way that you prepare for in-person interviews. It is important to dress well and be on time. You also need to ensure that the internet connection and computer are working properly. Resolve any web cam or software issues well before the interview.


Get familiar with the virtual environment by video chatting with friends. Skype, Facebook and Google+ all offer this functionality. Make sure that you make eye contact with the interviewer by staring at the web cam and not the screen. Comfort with the virtual setting can be crucial in outshining other applicants.

Photo Courtesy : live-conferencing on Flickr