Kimberly Wiefling shares a one minute video about keeping your team focused on the customers.


Unfortunately managers and members of the leadership team often find that employees are focused on internal issues or petty politics rather than the customer. If this is the case, that means the customer is being overlooked and likely neglected. As leadership expert Kimberly Wiefling suggests, one way to help the customer have more visibility within an organization is to have the team go meet with the customers in person. It is important to take a day away from the usual office environment by spending some time getting to know the customers, what they do, what goals they would like to accomplish. This will help clarify your team’s goals and bring the focus back to the customer. Not only will the team have a better notion as to what is really important, but everyone can learn about other ways to potentially make money by providing a solution to the customer’s unmet needs.

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