Dilip Saraf shares a one minute video about the three most important questions to ask in an interview.


Top LinkedIn Career Coach, Dilip Saraf, recommends asking these three critically important questions during your job interview to help you get hired.

  1. What are the expectations during the first 90 days? Whatever information you can ascertain here is helpful to provide a basis for additional questions.
  2. What metrics will be measured during the first year? By asking this, you are demonstrating your attention to detail and that you track your goals.
  3. Can you tell me more about what the performance of the perfect candidate looks like? This lets the manager know you are a serious candidate and it helps you tailor your answers for any additional questions the interviewer may have

These specific questions help you take charge of the interview, seal the deal, show that you are dedicated to achieving goals. If you manage to ask those three questions, it may just seal the deal for you.

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