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Can I get a job by learning Django-Python?

By October 10th, 2017 Tech Outlook

Python is a high-level programming language that is gaining great popularity in the softwa [...]

Microsoft announces the availability of SQL Server on Linux

By October 3rd, 2017 Tech Outlook

Microsoft hits a massive milestone by announcing the availability of SQL Server on Linux M [...]

Micro services and Containers as Key enabling technologies

By November 28th, 2016 Tech Outlook

Understanding the Technology drivers of the shift to Java Micro Frameworks Explosion of Ne [...]

Prospects for DevOps as a Career Option

By July 24th, 2016 Tech Outlook

A Transformative Change in Enterprise IT Today’s customers access business services that a [...]

Bots: Language as the User Interface

By June 29th, 2016 Uncategorized

Bots: Language as the User Interface Introduction to Intention Analysis Framework for impl [...]

Apache Metron: The Emerging Open Source Platform for Security Operations Centre Management

By June 13th, 2016 Tech Outlook

Adaptive Security A cursory study of the top data breaches of last year would list the ent [...]

H-1B & Green Card related policy changes – Impact on Tech Staffing Companies

By January 15th, 2015 General

Are you ready for more W2 employees on your pay roll? Wait….if you are a H1 dependent comp [...]

1+ Million New Tech Jobs

By January 15th, 2015 General

  The Cloud, Mobile, and Big Data are drastically restructuring the Tech Industry’s l [...]

TAG partners with TechFetch for Job Fairs and Job Posting Board

By September 23rd, 2014 Press Release

ATLANTA (September 15th, 2014) – The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) in collaborat [...]

Techfetch Hosts Global Recruiters’ Meet in Chennai, Hyderabad & Noida

By April 13th, 2014 Events, General, Press Release, Recruiting

April 13, 2014 Contact: Casey Sharperson, Marketing Coordinator, Tel: +1-703-544-2064 Tech [...]

How To Handle Job Interview Stress

By March 5th, 2014 General

During the job interview, some candidate may feel nervous. It will spoil your performance [...]

How To Prepare For Online Video Interview

By March 3rd, 2014 General

Nowadays, Many organization prefers to conduct interview through online. Online interview [...]

Tips for Making your Resume Stand Out

By February 27th, 2014 General

Resume acts as an effective tool to enter in a job interview. It must clearly explain your [...]

AWS Cloud Computing for IT Professionals

By November 3rd, 2013 Events, Upcoming Webinars, Webinars

>>>   Tuesday Nov 5, 2013   3-4 PM EST                                 Register  [...]

How To Apply for WIA Training Grants From Government?

By October 24th, 2013 General

If you are unemployed and considering acquiring new skills to get back into workforce, you [...]

Techfetch.com Launches Techfetch Academy – Online Platform with Hundreds of IT Courses

By September 19th, 2013 Press Release

For Immediate Release: Sept-19-2013 Contact: Srinivas Veeramasu, 703-544-2061 Techfetch.co [...]

Contribute Regularly To Leverage Your Network And Grow Your Career

By June 17th, 2013 General

Dilip Saraf shares a one minute video about how to leverage your network. Everyone talks a [...]

How To Demonstrate You Are Results-Oriented To Get Hired

By June 16th, 2013 General

Steve Piazzale shares a one minute video about showing you are results-oriented In order t [...]

Effective Methods for Developers to Become Subject Matter Experts

By June 15th, 2013 General

Praba Murugaiah shares a one minute video about increasing your market value.   To become [...]

The Role of Your Brain on a Successful Life and Career

By June 14th, 2013 General

Vijay Peduru shares a one minute video about the main ingredient to a successful life and [...]

Why Experience Is Required To Take On A Leadership Role

By June 13th, 2013 General

Rajiv Munshi shares a one minute video about the necessity of experience within a leadersh [...]

Are Great Leaders Born or Built in the Business World?

By June 12th, 2013 General

Himanshu Jhamb shares a one minute video about demonstrating leadership qualities. The que [...]

Client Retention Strategies Best Practices for Success

By June 11th, 2013 General

Venky Rao shares a one minute video about the best methods of client retention.   To [...]

Career Growth and Innovation: Why You Must Take Risks

By June 10th, 2013 General

Kimberly Wiefling shares a one minute video about why it is important to take risks. Takin [...]

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